Hi-Vis Address Signs


The quicker our firefighters or E.M.Ts can locate you, the quicker we can begin helping you and your family. In an effort to locate your home or business in an emergency, we are providing at a cost, 6″ x 18″ reflective signs, that will clearly display your street address. These signs are invaluable to firefighters, EMT’s and police officers who may be looking for your home in Your Time of Need. Similar signs have been installed in other communities with startling results!

The Salem/Morrow Fire Department is selling these signs at a cost of $12.00 each. if you wish to have the department mount your sign for you, we will do so for $14.00. Each sign has your street address prominently displayed on both sides of the sign in Highly Reflective 3″ numbers against a green background similar to those on an interstate sign. The signs are installed in such a way that assures their visibility, even in high grass and snowy weather conditions.

Please stop by the firehouse if you would like to purchase one of these signs for your residence! Generally, these signs can be made in about 10 minutes while you wait.

The Difference is Night and Day!


Green Sign